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Our Goal:

The Ministry of Cyber Security's primary objective is to reduce cyber threats for UK companies like yours!

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We provide awareness, training and education to achieve our goal.  As the landscape of cybercrime evolves, it's our mission to keep our members safe and aware of the threats.

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Our membership ensures that all UK companies have access to the best training and testing for their teams and always at an affordable cost.

Your Cyber Security will only ever be as good as the level & frequency you train your team too!

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Your Cyber Security will only ever be as good as the level & frequency you train your team too!



It was a great experience working with the Ministry of Cyber Security. We highly recommend them! We get full reports on our current security every month and are very pleased we decided to choose them. The signup process is all online and hassle-free. 


The service we have been provided by the Ministry of Cyber Security has been incredible. They are always prompt to tell us of any suspected issues and how to stop them from reoccurring in future. 


The security training we received from The Ministry of Cyber Security has been amazing, they are incredibly knowledgeable and always happy to help. Implementing team testing on a regular basis has really helped our employees be more vigilant when clicking on links and inputting personal information. Regular testing has become an educational must for all new and existing employees to keep their knowledge sharp.

Questions & Answers

How long will it take to set up the email phishing simulation?

We will usually have you fully up and running within 3 days!

Step 1 - Complete the registration

Step 2 - We will send you instructions how to whitelist our servers to ensure delivery of emails to you.

Step 3 - We will set-up all your users and create the campaign.

Then you're good to go!!

What's included in the monthly price?

Essentially you get 4 main things:

1. 24/7 dark web monitoring
2. A monthly email phishing simulation test sent to all you team
3. A monthly team training video sent to each team member, every month
4. You can display our logo to show your team and clients that you take cyber threats seriously

What areas do you cover in team training?

We have over 75 cyber training video's that you will have access to.  These cover every area of cyber training your team will need, they are also updated regularly, as the cyber landscape changes and evolves.

How does team testing work?

Firstly, cyber awareness is critical, so just your team knowing and being aware is a huge plus.

Our team testing sends out a phishing email to all of your team (including you) every month.  It will then monitor to see if any actions / clicks on the email.  If they do, it will then show them they have failed the phishing simulation and request they watch a short video, then a quick quiz to ensure they watched the video.

Does it matter how many employees I have?

You can have as many as you like.

They pricing does change depending on the number of employees.

How often do you perform updates?

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